WANTED: Fencing Construction & Repair for SMUD contract


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) released the following solicitation.


Solicitation Number/Title:180138.JM   FENCE CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR
Solicitation Value:$750,000
Bid Submission Deadline:Tuesday, Jun 12 2018 4:00PM
Pre Bid Conference: 
     Conference AttendanceRecommended
     Conference Date/TimeTuesday, May 29 2018 11:00AM
     Conference LocationOn-Line only (Web-Ex)

     Location Address

     Location Map 

     Conference InstructionsSee RFP Section 2.6 Pre-Bid Conference for instructions to attend the meeting.
Procurement Professional:Jesse Mays


Solicitation Description:

The Contractor shall furnish all supervision, labor, materials, equipment and incidentals necessary to install new fencing, install new gates, and make fence additions, repairs or changes to various SMUD fences. The work generally consists of: Constructing 4', 6', and 8' high chain link fence with 1"x 1" fabric; repair of existing chain link fences; furnishing temporary chain link fence, either stand alone or with driven posts; gate construction and repairs; installation of fence toppings on new or existing fences, including “V" arms with 4 strands of barbed wire and razor ribbon, construction of isolation panels, construction of 6' and 8'redwood fences, fabrication and installation of powder coated steel topping for CMU or concrete walls., installation of security panels and miscellaneous adjustments, repairs or replacements, on existing fences that may arise during the contract period. ​


WANTED: Staffing Support

Each year SMUD awards at least 20% of their contracts to local small businesses through their SEED (Supplier Education and Economic Development) program. Once your business is certified as a Small Business with the CA Department of General Services (DGS), your business can bid on these contracts. 

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WANTED: Small Business Contractors

​SMUD is looking for local small business contractors to bid on the construction of the new Station E Substation. Click the link to learn more about the $25 million in contracting opportunities.


New Organics Recycle Law for Businesses and Multi-Family Complexes (State Law AB1826)

Heading this AB1826 project is Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority. The Business and Multi-Family Ordinance requires all commercial properties to separate recyclable materials from garbage waste. As established by April 1, 2016, businesses meeting certain thresholds are required to divert organic material. The deadline for implementation of recycling is January 1, 2017 for any generator of 4 or more cubic yards of organic waste per week.

For recycling services in compliance with AB1826 businesses may use franchised haulers, authorized recyclers or can self-haul recyclables to the recycling center. ​

Food Waste Toolbox:​​

Hauler and Recycler List:​



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